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Wood Buffalo Transit System

The Municipality runs a fleet of transit buses that service the urban areas of Fort McMurray operating seven days a week with the exception of negotiated statutory holidays.

Note:   Notices of Changes 

  • Transit Service - Effective Sunday November 9th, 2014 : Route 10 service to Gregoire will be reverting to the old 10A/10B routing, More details here.
  • Smart Bus Service  - Effective Sunday November 9th, 2014 : Changes to Service Hours for SmartBus, More details here 

Current Transit Schedules

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School Transit Service

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us:

Tok Transit Dispatch: 780-743-4157
RMWB Transit Services: 780-743-7931


Cash fare
(per ride)
Eleven-ride booklet
(11 rides for the price of 10)
Monthly pass (student)
- including Keyano College students
Monthly pass (adult) $45.00
Children under five years and senior citizens Free


WoodBuffalo Transit system has an EXACT FARE SYSTEM. This means the drivers do not sell passes or make change. Fares can be paid by cash, one-ride ticket or a monthly pass. All buses are equipped to accept $1 and $2 dollar coins. Children under five years and senior citizens ride the system free.

  • Monthly passes can be purchased from the Jubilee Centre cashier at 9909 Franklin Ave.; MacDonald Island Park, or Timberlea Landing at 309 Powder Drive. 
  •  Transfers are issued to cash and one-ride ticket users only. Passengers should request transfers when they pay their fare. Transfers are intended to allow passengers to go further in the same direction and cannot be used for return trips

Where to catch the bus

Bus stop locations are sometimes indicated by shelters, but in most areas will be marked by signs on lamp posts or other poles. The image on the right shows a typical bus stop sign.

To report vehicles that are parked near bus stops, call the Bylaw complaint line at: (780) 788-4200.

See the Transit Schedule and Map above for specific routes.

Sunday and Holiday Transit Schedule

On Sunday, bus service may begin later than on weekdays or Saturdays, and may end much earlier. On the combined Saturday/Sunday schedule, a shaded background indicates the trips that are made on Sunday.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us:

Tok Transit Dispatch: (780) 743.4157
RMWB Transit Services: (780) 743.7931
mail: transit@woodbuffalo.ab.ca